Lenten charity update

One of St Joseph’s Lenten charity projects was for the blanket for winter project in Randfontein, South Africa. Here is an update on where your money went.

Dear Fr. Uche.

Greetings from a cold Randfontein.

Thank you and your parishioners for your generous donation towards our parish’ “blanket for winter” project. During winter every year, we provide blankets for many who cannot afford heating in their shacks – as we call the settlements constructed with corrugated iron roofs.


We also have a soup kitchen for the children who live in the neighbouring informal settlement, close to our parish. A few days ago on 16 June, we organised a charity day in which we gave out the blankets and some of the used clothing which some members of our parish donated. The beneficiaries of our blanket for winter project range from those who come from the rural areas of South Africa to the city of Johannesburg.


Recently, many refugees from different African countries have also come into South Africa looking for job opportunities. Unfortunately, there are no available jobs and many of these people live off the street!


This project is still ongoing until probably the end of the winter period in August. We are grateful for your donations which reached us through Fr. Jude Nnorom, the coordinator of our Spiritan office for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation office in Rome. We thank you enormously for your help and pray that the Good Lord will reward you and your parishioners for your consideration of our small semi-urban parish in your Lenten period. God bless you,

Fr. Joseph Nnadi CSSp

Parish Priest

Some Photos of our charity day