Parish Pastoral Council Minutes 30/6/2017

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, New Malden PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL Minutes of Friday 30th June 2017

Present: Father Uche (President), Maureen Sampson (Chairperson), Agnes Vella, Sr. Margaret, Philip Cook, Jan Downes, Lorraine Butler, Deacon John-Simon, Chinwe Azuh, Felicity Surridge, Patrick Heery

Apologies: Wendy Wentworth, Declan Dixon, Joasia Rejman,
Absent: Gregory Fordham, Carmel Micallef,
Opening Prayer: Father Uche opened the meeting with a prayer at 8.00pm.

  1. Maureen welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  2. The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a true record with nochanges.
    i) Mr. Heery has most of the PPC photos now and just needs names and descriptions to accompany them.
    ii) Maureen asked members for their opinions of the AGM and it was agreed that numbers had been poor. Sr. Margaret thought the small group discussions were productive and ensured everyone had a chance to speak. There was a need to follow up on some of the matters raised. Fr. Uche is waiting to hear from Amanda about a Lectio Divina Prayer Group.
    As there had been a discussion at the AGM about a parish film club, Sr. Margaret wondered whether there could be a screening of “Summer in the Forest”, a film about the philosopher, Jean Vanier. Fr. Uche said that because of copyright laws, the DVD and an appropriate licence would have to be purchased, leading to a private screening. Anne D’Silva and cell groups are to be contacted.
    Cashel is researching a Resurrection Cross for the Pastoral Centre.
  3. i) Philip explained that most of the last meeting of the Evangelisation Team was given over to discussing Youth Formation. PPC members were then given a comprehensive Proposal for Youth Formation at St. Joseph’s written by Joasia. Fr. Uche’s thanks were minuted for Joasia for her work on the proposal. It will take time and lots of volunteers to build a youth programme. A parish meeting may be helpful in order to recruit help. This should be advertised in the newsletter. Ideas could be shared with other parishes. There is a youth SVP group (14-16) at O.L.I. Fr. Uche said that any volunteers would receive training in working with youth as well as safeguarding training. “Faith in Action”, which runs a similar award to the Duke of Edinburgh award, has been successful.
    A parish handbook is underway and will be ready in a couple of weeks. Next year’s Mission has been confirmed and a Pre-mission manual has arrived. A member of the Sion community will talk at all masses on the weekend of 23/24

September. Help will be needed during next year’s Mission with regards to accommodation, food, visits etc. More about this in the autumn.
ii) There will be a further Preparation for Marriage course taking place in September/October. Two couples are already booked on the course.

iii)Fr. Uche asked the PPC to consider the profile of the next Archbishop of Southwark, as Archbishop Peter Smith is due to retire in the next 2 years. There is to be a consultation between the laity and the clergy. The PPC was asked to report to Fr. Uche with any ideas by mid September. Fr. Uche felt that the qualities of the chosen candidate would determine a job description.
iv) It was felt by members of the PPC that we should become a Fairtrade parish. Interest had been shown at the AGM. We need to raise awareness, advertise during Fairtrade fortnight and put information on the website. Agnes has sent emails to parish groups that provide tea/coffee, suggesting they use Fairtrade products.

  1. i) Wendy could not be present at the meeting as she was attending a Confirmation meeting. A financial report Summary for 2016 had been presented at the AGM. It was noted that the parish had recently received 2 legacies.ii)Further nominations for training as Extraordinary Ministers had been sent out. The training will take place in September, with a commissioning date in October. Sr. Margaret is to be responsible for training for Readers. Jan asked whether there had been any comments received about communion under both kinds. There had been no comments voiced at the AGM. Fr. Uche felt that the rota for Ministers was working.

    iii)Fr.Uche commented on the meticulous work carried out by Andrew Stables regarding Safeguarding.
    iv)There was nothing to report about fund raising.
    v) Repairs to the Pastoral Centre toilets will be carried out shortly and the electrical works will soon be completed. A signage company is looking into fixing or replacing the sign on the Pastoral Centre wall.

  2. Agnes is to pursue the possibility of having “Weekend only” disabled parking spaces outside the church.
  3. Mr. Heery had attended a 1 day course which would help him to set up the parish website. Fr. Uche thanked him for his work so far and said that the parish would reimburse him for the course and a word processing manual which he had purchased.
  4. i)The First Communion programme had now finished. The Confirmation Mass will be in 2 weeks time and the Archbishop will be present.
    Philip wondered whether the AGM could be re-named a “Parish Open Forum.” At the end of each mass a PPC member could be at the back of church handing out leaflets about the Forum. Posters could be displayed too. Was there a possibility for emails to be sent out, advertising the Forum?ii)The International Lunch will take place on Sunday July 2nd.
    A member of the parish is willing to host a Quiz Night. This could be held around the time of the pre-Advent Fayre.

8. Sr. Margaret mentioned a parish Spiritual Book Club which had been discussed at the last meeting. A leader would have to be found and sufficient interest was necessary. Maureen said that the bookshop could support this initiative.

Fr. Uche raised the idea of the parish using Electronic Votive Stands. At the moment, candles involve a lot of work for the Sacristans and the safety aspect has to be considered. Chinwe noted that in some parishes both candles and electronic votives are used. Fr. Uche thought that the Tabernacle candles could become electronic and that Our Lady’s chapel was a priority area for replacing the candles. Deacon John-Simon suggested that a demonstration of electronic votives could be arranged and then the parish could have a trial period. The PPC could give a verdict after the trial.

Deacon John-Simon then talked about CTiM (Churches together in Malden). There are 2 lay representatives and a replacement is needed. Meetings take place every other month and our representative would contribute to discussions and put forward our church’s viewpoint. CTiM help to arrange the week of Christian Unity in January, hold discussion groups during Lent and

contribute to the Walk of Witness on Good Friday. The Deacon asked whether the PPC could put forward any names.

Blinds are to be fitted in the bookshop and PC1 room to prevent light damage.

Were there any suggestions for other rooms?
9.The date of the next meeting is Wednesday 6th September at 8.00.

The meeting was closed at 9.30 with a concluding prayer.

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