PPC action points – 30/6/2017

Action Points arising from the PPC Meeting on 30th June 2017

  • Work is under way to begin provision for the youth of the parish. Volunteers will be needed.
  • The purchase of a Resurrection
    ross for the Pastoral Centre is being organised by a parishioner.
  • The parish is to become a Fairtrade parish. It is hoped that parish groups that provide tea and coffee will use Fairtrade products.
  • A parish handbook will be ready soon.
  • At all Masses over the weekend 23/24th September a member of the Sion community will give a talk in preparation for next year’s Mission. Help will be needed during next year’s Mission with regards to accommodation, food, visits etc. More about this in the autumn.
  • Because of the safety and work aspects, the members of the PPC are concerned about the use of candles. Therefore there will be a demonstration and trial run of Electronic Votive stands.
  • The local council is to be approached about the possibility of installing “Weekend only” disabled parking spaces outside the church.


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