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 Friday 11th June 2021

Friendly conversations

22.15Just outside Dallas Chicken and there is a guy there on his own who we got chatting to who was from Saudi Arabia.  He was a friendly guy, a Sunni Muslim who is doing a Masters degree.  We had a short but friendly discussion with him.

22.30Have been outside Wetherspoons for about 15 minutes.  We first of all had a conversation with the Polish door man who was very friendly and said he had been in England since 2004.  He said his children have British passports.  He has been vaccinated and he felt comfortable working here.  We had a long conversation with a guy who was a carpenter.  Sarah was chatting with three young people who were very friendly as well. 

23.00 We are just outside H Samuel in the pedestrianized area by Foot Locker and we chatted to two young women in their early 20s.  One whose family was originally from Pakistan, the other was white.  They are both working and we had a long chat of about 10 minutes with them.  One of them said that when she was 17 she was rescued by SPs and she was very grateful.  We got on to talking about vaccinations, the one lady was very keen on it, the other lady not so keen as she was a bit concerned about reactions.  The one lady was also saying that one of her parents, her mother, was kicked out of Pakistan after the partition and the father was offered to go to Uganda to help build roads.  They were then kicked out of Uganda by Idi Amin and came to England.  The one lady said she liked SPs because they were so non-judgemental.

00.30 We are in the little tunnel that comes out by the Bishop where have just been and met a little group of people in their 20s/30s from the Philippines and Nepal.  They had just been working at one of the restaurants so just finishing and having a drink so we had a friendly chat.

00.45 Met a man with a bike outside the Lebanese restaurant on the river front. He was probably about 40 years old, and chatted to us for about 15 minutes, but it was a rather rambling conversation and hard to get away. He was concerned we gave sugar (lollies) to young people.

Keeping people safe

01.10 We have just been out by Infinity quite near the train station and there was a woman, probably in her late teens/early 20s, who was being quite aggressive, shouting at a couple of guys, one with his shirt, off so we did phone it into the prayer pastors.  We carefully walked over there and the girl was fine.  She said “I’m fine, I am with my boyfriend and he is looking after me”.  She just said she was drunk and being a bit mouthy.     

Our homeless friends

22.40  About 10 minutes ago we went to his usual spot and C had all of his stuff there, he was fast asleep so we didn’t leave the drumsticks.  We will try and see if he is awake at a later stage and give them to him, if not we will leave them anyway.  

01.30 Now heading back to URC and we have just been through the Eden Centre and near the M&S Food Hall and round the corner from there in the past homeless people used to sleep.  There was a couple sleeping there, I didn’t personally actually recognise them so we just quietly left a bottle of water and a SP card for them.

Prayer Requests

Thank God:
That the streets of Kingston were peaceful last Friday.
For the huge army of volunteers working across the country to deliver all sorts of different services from the vaccine roll out, to food deliveries and loads more helpful things..

Please pray:

For Ray, one of our longest serving Prayer Pastors. After a fall at home early in May, Ray is at last back home. Fortunately, no bones were broken but do please pray for him as gets used to his everyday life being a bit different.
That the surge testing currently taking place in Kingston will help to curb the spread of the virus in our borough.
For the Kingston Street Pastors Management team, as they constantly review the pandemic situation, updated guidance, and make decisions about Street Pastor patrols. 
For the homeless in our town, and all those that work tirelessly to help and support them.