Who’s Who

This shows key people in the Parish, who should be able to help with your queries. Click on their names to find out a bit more about them. If you’re interested in finding out about, or joining, one of our many parish groups, their details and meeting can be found on our Parish Groups page. Members of our Parish Pastoral Council and their meetings can be seen here.

The Parish Pastoral Team


Fr Uche Njoku
Parish Priest

John-Simon Lawson
Deacon John-Simon Lawson
Permanent Deacon

Other useful people to know

David Roberts
David Roberts
Parish Treasurer
Agnes Vella
Agnes Vella
Parish Secretary
Oliver Patton
Oliver Patton
Pastoral Centre Manager
Dr Matthew Ward
Director of Music.
Rowena Wittenbaker
Sacristy Team
Maureen Sampson
Bookshop Manager
Geraldine Bennett
Bookshop Team
Bernadette Tolley
Bookshop Team. 
Fr Philip Andrews
was Ordained Priest on 16th July 2016
Karen Neilson
Karen Neilson
First Communion Catechists
Confirmation Catechists

The Parish Pastoral Council


These are the members of St Joseph’s PPC, together with Fr Peter, Deacon John-Simon Lawson, and David Roberts.

Ann Souter, Philip Andrews (Rome), Janet Downes, Felicity Surridge, Declan Dixon, Gregory Fordham.