Latest Diocesan Guidelines re Covid-19

The text below is an extract from the latest communication from our diocese. Please read and keep in mind:

With regards Life Cycle Ceremonies, from 28th September the numbers that are allowed to attend are as follows: 

·         funerals remain at 30 

·         weddings are reduced to 15. ‘Venue workers’ e.g. the presiding minister, are not included in this number.

·         For all other Life Cycle Ceremonies (Baptism, Confirmation, First Holy Communion) the Rule of Six applies. 

Only six people, including the infant at a baptism, may attend. 

What is not clear from the guidance is if this includes the presiding minister. I would suggest that until specifically told otherwise, it does not include the minster. 

This number may only be exceeded if the Life Cycle Ceremony takes place within communal worship i.e. a weekday or Sunday Mass when the limit of the venue applies. 

However, groups of six attending should not mingle.