Catholics in Health and Social Care: ethics and practice

Are you looking for an opportunity to meet people motivated by their faith to care for others? Would you like to explore the unique contribution that faith makes to the health and social care sector? Are you interested in learning about the ethical challenges work in this sector may bring? St Mary’s University, the Anscombe Centre and the Bios Centre are holding events on ethics and practice in health and social care. The events are aimed at Christians working in the health and social care sectors, but anybody is welcome to attend to discuss, amongst other topics, the challenges of assisted dying, the care of the dying and questions of conscientious objection in the workplace. The events will take place in London (2nd April) and by zoom (14th May). Participants will include: Bishop John Sherrington, Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster; Prof David Albert Jones, Director of the Anscombe Bioethics Centre; Margaret Doherty, Director of the Centre for the Art of Dying Well; Dr Helen Watt, Senior Research Fellow of the Bios Centre. There will also be a panel discussion with chaplains and practitioners in health and social care. As well as some fascinating talks and discussions, it will be an opportunity to network with others who take an interest in these vital issues. 

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SEASON OF CREATION – 1st Sept – 4th Oct 2021

Season of Creation activities are coordinated by an ecumenical steering committee, which was formed to help Christians around the world fulfil the purpose of the season.

As the urgent need to solve the environmental crisis continues to grow, Christian churches have been called to strengthen their united response. The Season of Creation ecumenical steering committee came together to provide resources to empower Christians to respond to our faith, each in the way of his or her own denomination, during this shared season of reflection and action.ore details.   Visit for all the information you need.