Lourdes pilgrimage

Thursday morning began with Mass at the Grotto with other English- speaking pilgrims and with Father Uche con-celebrating.

The grotto marks the spot in the cave of the rock of Massabielle where Saint Bernadette saw the Virgin Mary 18 times in 1858. It is the most sacred of all the sanctuaries in Lourdes and has been the natural gathering place for millions of pilgrims who have stood there in silent prayer.

Lourdes pilgrimage

At 2045 each evening, the torchlight procession begins from near the Grotto and finishes at the Rosary Square.

During the procession five decades of the Rosary are recited in many different languages and the Glory Be is then sung by everyone in Latin.

It does not matter which language you use to reply since the domaine will be filled with thousands of pilgrims each bringing a different language.

The real purpose of the procession is to honour Mary with our songs and prayers and to recall our baptismal commitment to keep the light of Christ burning brightly in our lives so that we give praise to the God who has called us out of darkness into glorious light.

The Lourdes Pilgrim

Reading through The Lourdes Pilgrim: 

The message of Lourdes is a simple one.

It is the same message we find in the gospel. It brings no new teaching, no starting revelations or magical promises but simply call us once more back to the basics of the good news of Jesus. It can be summed in four simple ideas:

Poverty – the message of poverty challenges us to name our true wealth

Prayer – the message of prayer challenges us to make our daily actions an important offering to God

Penance – the message of penance challenges us to turn away from whatever keeps us from God.

Participation – the message of participation challenges us to take our full place in the Church whose song we sing.

Lourdes pilgrimage 2017

A pre- Pilgrimage to Lourdes meeting was held on Wednesday at St Joseph’s. 21 excited pilgrims are journeying to the beautiful foothills of the Pyrenees next week to walk in the footsteps of St Bernadette and reflect at the grotto with Our Lady of Lourdes. Please keep the group and especially Father Uche in your prayers. We will offer our wonderful Parish and all its parishioners in prayer at the grotto. More to follow next week.