Food Bank

helping hand

First Sundays of every month (only).

Please use your Premier Radio distinctive blue bags-for-life to bring only the items stated in the bulletin, placing them in the coloured boxes, and retain your blue bag for the following month.



Ecumenical Winter Night Shelter (update – 1/2/14)

helping hand

Gifts for the homeless

Thank you so much to everyone who provided the necessary kitchen items. We now need some personal gifts for our guests – Articles needed include socks, men’s pants, small packets of tissues, antibacterial wipes or spray and individually-wrapped biscuits. Please place items in the coloured boxes at our usual drop-off point after this weekend’s Food Bank collection.

Catholics, Come Home!


Whether you’re…

a Protestant, or of another faith;

or a Catholic, but not currently coming to Mass;

or a Catholic who wants to know more, either for yourself, or in order to help family and friends, ‘Come Home’…

is for you!

We are Catholic, Welcome Home!